Study Quest is a digital assessment for learning solution that drives student learning progression using well designed question sets and student feedback to help the student build their knowledge and understanding and support investigation of key curriculum concepts and learning objectives.

A key feature of Study Quest is the use of carefully designed Feedback for all questions that nudges the student towards the right answer, reinforcing basic knowledge and conceptual understanding all the way, and effectively introducing and teaching the next concepts with the gentle nudges provided by the feedback.

Questioning designed to build the student’s knowledge base, starting with the basic topic knowledge, building a conceptual understanding and using enquiry and investigation techniques to help deepen the student’s conceptual understanding of the topic.

The Study Quest team are developing proof-of-concept question sets for Science, Business Studies and Modern Foreign Languages supporting standard curriculum for years 7 through 10. We are seeking partnership with education publishers to develop companions to leading texts which are well adopted in the classroom.

Over the next two years we are building on existing working relationships and partnerships to develop assessment for learning solutions in Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Poland and Greece. We are beginning with proof-of-concept products in early 2019, followed by Minimum Viable Product and classroom testing in September 2019.

For our initial proof of concept: Visit JCQuest at for question sets supporting Science, Business Studies and French language learning aligned to the Irish Junior Certificate curriculum.

Who is behind Study Quest

Study Quest is developed by EdTech Analytics in Ireland in collaboration with Socratease in India.

EdTech Analytics is a sister company of EdTech Ventures a network of highly experienced digital education consultants across Europe and the USA. The Study Quest concept has been developed by this team with additional pedagogy, technology and strategy research carried out by the Learnovate Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin.

The Soctratease team are a group of academicians, educationalists, designers, and technologists with diverse backgrounds united in the goal of making Education a more meaningful experience. The Socratease team consists of Physics PhDs, alums from institutes like IIT, Chennai Mathematical Institute, National Institute of Design, and mentors from the NCERT.

Developed with support from Kildare Enterprise Board